Minimal Equipment:

The minimum equipment necessary to properly run the ViTA DMF Software includes:

  • Laptop (recommended) or other Computer – runs the ViTA DMF Software and integrates with all other equipment.
  • Tablet – used for the remote operation of the ViTA DMF Software and is required for use of the Conversation Scenario feature

Recommended Equipment:

Along with the required minimum equipment necessary, we recommend adding the items below.  This will greatly increase the ViTA DMF experience by increasing the immersion and usability for both operator and participant.

  • 24″ HD LCD Monitor or Larger – used for increased immersion and image quality
  • HDMI Cable or VGA – audio/video inter-connectivity for high resolution display
  • 3.5mm Multimedia Speakers – used in combination with the LCD Monitor better audio quality in immersion setting
  • 3.5mm Lapel Microphone – used for enhanced immersion through the Auto-Response feature
  • Go-Pro Camera (or other a/v recording device) – used for simple integration of video recording of the ViTA DMF sessions
  • 2nd Tablet – (only if purchasing Go-Pro Camera) used for live video feed of participant while using 1st Tablet for remote operation of ViTA DMF.
  • Wireless Mouse – to allow for wireless navigation of the computer
  • Wireless Keyboard – wireless navigation and can be used for remote operation of the Interview Scenario feature

Optional Equipment:

A variety of optional equipment can be purchased for integration into the ViTA DMF set-up.  All optional equipment is listed below with a brief description of its use with ViTA DMF.

  • Wireless Headset (with or without mic) –  can be used for increased audio and with the Auto-Response feature
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro Pack – ViTA DMF was designed for optimal performance in this operating system
  • 3-Year Computer Accident Protection Plan – to cover damage or malfunction of the computer
  • Tablet case and screen protector – protection for Tablet