The Problem: The unemployment rate is 84% for persons with autism or other developmental disabilities. Job interviews, which are stressful for everyone, are a major barrier to employment for these applicants. People with ASD or other developmental disabilities often struggle to communicate effectively, misread social cues, and struggle coping with anxiety during the interview process.

The Tool: Developed specifically for persons with disabilities and using the very latest in virtual reality technologies, ViTA DMA software and curriculum is a powerful tool to improve job interviewing skills.

Software & Curriculum

ViTA DMF is a software and curriculum designed by a team of experts from DMF and the USC Institute for Creative Technologies representing multiple disciplines, including: special education, disability transition services, engineering, virtual reality, cognitive science, game development and software design.


In addition to being a practical tool to help your clients practice and refine their job interviewing skills, ViTa DMF is an important research project. The USC Institute for Creative Technologies and The Dan Marino Foundation will be gathering data and user feedback from ViTA DMF community to improve the product.

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